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2008-12-27 20:50:38 by Jayce-Diaz

I am now a writer for

Take a look at the site, and tell me what you think!

Be sure to read the "Top Ten Beat 'Em Up Games" article featured on the front page! Thanks!

Almost one year...

2008-03-14 12:00:29 by Jayce-Diaz

It's been almost one year since my last serious flash animation (Existance). Since then, I've gone to, dropped out of and changed colleges, between here (RI) and there (FL). On my birthday I released a little thing for kicks, not really for much else.

So why am I typing this?

Because, I feel like it.

I'm working on some new stuff, I hope to get it done soon, but who knows. People have said they wanted a new Random Brainstorm, and I have some ideas... Also, the third and final part of the Static/Existance/??? set is in the storyboard stage, so that should be out this year, if my schedule allows it.

busybusybusybusybusy no time for anything...

...except for Rock Band, Smash Bros, Mass Effect, and Condemned 2.

Almost one year...

It's my Birthday!

2007-12-16 10:41:44 by Jayce-Diaz

I'm 9131 days old!

or 21 in earth years.

either way, I decided to upload a little animated short about a ninja, and a prize. It's currently enjoying a decent score. check it out here:

As a birthday present to me, please watch it and give an HONEST review.

To the bar!

It's my Birthday!

Among other games like some ninja thing and Rez, Gamespot says Microsoft says that the Behemoth's game, Castle Crashers, is due early 2008. Interestingly, they call it an RPG.

Linkage: tml?action=convert&om_clk=latestnews&t ag=latestnews;title;0

bored dumb.

2007-08-03 23:59:56 by Jayce-Diaz

So, I sent Tom a message that just says hi. I hope he responds.